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Feisty Females:  Sarah Jane Ames

Feisty Females: Sarah Jane Ames

If ever a person of the fairer sex could be called a “renaissance woman” it may have been Sarah Jane Ames. When Sarah died in 1926 she was hailed as one of Boone County, Illinois’s “most virile, energetic, and withal most interesting citizens”. She was born Sarah Jane...
Feisty Females:  Dr. Lillian Heath

Feisty Females: Dr. Lillian Heath

Lillian Heath was born in Burnett Junction, Wisconsin on December 29, 1865, the daughter of William and Calista Hunter Heath.  Her father later moved the family steadily west, first to Aplington, Iowa and in 1873 to Laramie, Wyoming. The Transcontinental Railroad was...
Feisty Females:  Theodate Pope

Feisty Females: Theodate Pope

Today’s feisty female, Theodate Pope Riddle, dared to be different.  She was born at the stroke of midnight on  February 2 (or 3), 1867 in Salem, Ohio to well-to-do parents Alfred Atmore and Ada Lunette (Brooks) Pope.  Her birth name was Effie Brooks, but despising it...
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