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I have come to the conclusion, at this point in my life, I only want to do things I’m absolutely PASSIONATE about.  In October 2013 I “took the plunge” to pursue my passion for history, genealogy and writing.

Digging History is a business focused on history and genealogy.  Helping clients discover their ancestral roots thrills me to no end, and I’ve made some amazing discoveries — from finding birth parents to discovering a great grandfather who was one of Abraham Lincoln’s body guards and more.

Writing about history and genealogy is another passion.  I publish a digital magazine (PDF), Digging History Magazine, available by single issue purchase or subscription.  From 2014-2018 I served as the award-winning newsletter editor for my local genealogical society, placing statewide in Texas:  2015 (3rd); 2016 (1st); 2017 (2nd); 2018 (1st).  I am especially proud to have been the second place winner in 2018 for the National Genealogical Society newsletter contest.

Digging History Magazine launched in January 2018 and is now beginning its second year of publication.  I research and write most of the articles (with an occasional guest submission), sometimes writing about my genealogical research “adventures”.  Many articles are “ripped from headlines” of long ago.  History is not boring — you just have to dig around for the good stuff!  I invite you to check out the Digging History web site.

Click on “Digging History Magazine” to see what’s in the store.  You’ll see links for purchasing a subscription, purchasing single issues, special editions and individual articles.  I even have a budget-minded monthly genealogical research subscription.  Questions about research or want to try a free issue of the magazine?  Contact me for more information.

You can find more information about our services and pricing here.  Should you decide to engage my services, you can expect every effort will be made to find as much about your ancestors as possible, ensuring the information will be accurate and not merely speculative.  My philosophy is to treat, with great care and respect, your project and ancestors as if they were my own.

Ready to get started with your ancestor search or begin a magazine subscription?  Contact me for more information.

Sharon Hall


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