Wild West Wednesday: Jackson Lee “Diamondfield Jack” Davis

DiamondFieldJackNo one seems to have a definitive history of Jackson Lee “Diamondfield Jack” Davis’ early life.  Even the date and place of his birth appears to be a mystery.  A cursory internet search will yield results spanning the years between 1864 and 1879 as his purported birth year.  His place of birth is uncertain, but the name “Jackson Lee” would suggest Southern roots like perhaps Virginia or West Virginia.

Most historians consider him a gunslinger, famous for wearing his rifle slung across his back and carrying pistols, as many as three, either holstered or in his coat pocket and a Bowie knife strapped to his leg – he was armed to the teeth at all times.  He made a name for himself in the mining camps of the west and later as an “enforcer” of sorts, working for cattlemen who were constantly battling for grassland with the sheep ranchers, a familiar saga of the 1800’s West (see more about the bloody Graham-Tewksbury feud in Arizona here).

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