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Up In Smoke:  1890 and Genealogy’s “Black Hole” (or is it?) – a little history and some tips for finding record substitutes.

Crazy in Colorado:  Wheels in Their Heads and Other (Insane) Stories – It’s hard enough finding our ancestors sometimes.  What if they ended up in the nut house?

Chautauqua: The Poor Man’s Educational Opportunity – Many of our ancestors lacked opportunities to pursue much more than a basic education.   The Chautauqua movement changed that.

Don’t Be Duped:  Genealogical Fraud Has Been Around a Long Time – Today our genealogical research is still “infected” by late nineteenth century genealogical fraud (and before).  Caveat Investigator.

Sarah Connelly, I Feel Your Pain (Adventures in Research:  War of 1812 Pension Records) – The story of one widow’s quest to obtain a War of 1812 widow’s pension.

Searching for That EUREKA Moment:  Who Were You, Roy Simpleman? – An adventure in research, utilizing DNA and old-fashioned digging to solve a genealogical mystery.

Drawing the Line:  Quakers in Conscientious Crisis – If you have Quaker ancestors you might assume they didn’t serve during the Revolutionary War.  That might be an incorrect assumption.

Eleven Days of Hellish Heat – Unlike most of this issue which focuses on the Alaskan gold rush era, this article features a devastating heat wave which occurred in the summer of 1911.

Give Me That Old Time Socialism – An interesting piece of early Oklahoma history, a flirtation with socialism.

Genealogically Speaking:  It’s Time to Rake the Leaves – October is Family History Month and a good time to “rake the leaves” on and around our Ancestry.com trees.

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