Feisty Female (or Not): The Legend of Hattie Cluck, Pioneer Woman

HattieCluckToday’s “Feisty Female” more than likely lived a fairly ordinary life.  However, as time went on the stories of her exploits as the purported first woman to travel the Chisholm Trail, would make her an almost “larger than life” figure as a legendary Texas pioneer woman.  Whether deserved or undeserved, Hattie Cluck nevertheless earned a special place in Texas history, feisty or not.

Harriet Louise Standefer was born on April 14, 1846 in Cherokee County, Alabama to parents James Stuart and Caroline (Randall) Standefer.  Her paternal grandfather, Israel Standefer, had migrated to Texas in 1841, received a land grant in 1843 and represented Milam County at the Texas constitutional convention in 1845.  Not long after Hattie’s birth the Standefer family made their way to Williamson County, Texas.

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