Time Capsule Thursday: October 8, 1926


Newspapers around the country were covering this riveting story on October 8, 1926.  However, the original crime for which mob justice was rendered on that day hadn’t received much more than regional coverage the year before when three members of the Lowman family were accused of murder.  On April 25, 1925 Sheriff Henry H. Howard of Aiken County, South Carolina had been shot and killed while he and his deputies were executing a liquor raid at the home of Sam and Annie Lowman.  Although the following story is detailed and long, it’s important to give an adequate account of what happened that day in 1925 which led to the tragedy which occurred on October 8, 1926.

Accounts varied as to exactly what happened that day.  Here is a sampling of reported details, beginning with the one told in Toward the Meeting of the Waters:

Sam Lowman had arisen early that Saturday morning in April 1925 and set off for nearby Monetta with a load of corn.  His son Damon and nephew Clarence were plowing a field; Annie was making soap and Bertha his twenty-seven year old pregnant daughter was sweeping the backyard with her cousin Naomi.  Another cousin, Eleanora, was cleaning the back porch and Damon’s wife Rosa was preparing lunch while her sister-in-law Bridie fed Rosa’s newborn child.

This riveting article will be published in the October 2018 issue of Digging History Magazine.  A preview will be posted when available.

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