Tombstone Tuesday: Charles C. Mack

CharlesMack_GraveCharles C. Mack was born on January 4, 1810 to parents Jesse and Mary Ann (McCollister) Mack in Washington County, New York.  It appears that Charles might have still been living with his parents in 1830, but around 1832-1834 he married Sophia Brown.  Their first son, Jesse William, was born on Christmas Day of 1834.  Three daughters followed: Emily (1836), Sarah (1839) and Emma (1841).

Emily died in 1841 at the age of four years, about eight months before Sophia gave birth to Emma.  Sophia died on October 21, 1846 and Charles married a woman by the name of Caroline (maiden name unknown).  In 1850 the Mack family was enumerated in Washington County, but not long afterwards, perhaps around 1852-1853, they migrated west to Minnesota Territory.

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  1. I found this tombstone today and performed a quick google search that brought me here. Thanks for the history!

    • You’re so welcome … this is an ancestor of friends of mine.


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