Tombstone Tuesday: Baron DeKalb Stansell

BaronDeKalbStansellBaron DeKalb Stansell was born in Decatur, DeKalb County, Georgia on November 25, 1833 to parents David and Priscilla (Chastain) Stansell.  DeKalb County was established in 1822 from parts of Henry, Gwinett and Fayette counties and named after Baron Johann de Kalb, a French military officer and Revolutionary War hero.

Baron de Kalb made his first visit to America in 1768 at the request of France’s foreign minister de Choiseul, a covert mission to find out what was really happening at that volatile time before the Revolutionary War.  He returned in 1777 with Marquis de Lafayette and joined the Continental Army with the rank of Major General.


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