Tombstone Tuesday: Cemeteries in Odd Places

TombstoneTuesday   In the early days of American history, it was common for families to set aside a small plot of land on their farm for the family cemetery.  As time marched on, however, farm land gave way to more industrialization and large cities, or later what came to be called the “suburbs”.  In some cases, no doubt, old cemeteries were moved elsewhere, but that wasn’t always the case.

Some cemeteries have managed to remain exactly where they were established, while cities, roadways, shopping malls and outlet centers were built nearby, all without disturbing the burial grounds.  These old cemeteries are now situated in the oddest places, some in the middle of parking lots.

Awhile back I was researching possible Tombstone Tuesday articles and came across a cemetery referred to, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, as “Ye Old Coffey Grounds”.  This cemetery is a perfect example of a small family cemetery left undisturbed while cities, shopping centers and roadways are built around it.


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