Tombstone Tuesday: The Christian Bibles of Greene County, Tennessee

TombstoneTuesdayI ran across this unique surname while researching ancestors in Pulaski County, Kentucky.  If you regularly read Tombstone Tuesday articles, you’ll know that I’ve written a few of late highlighting some residents of that county, who as far as I know are not related to me – but you never know.  That also led me to another interesting surname which I will be writing about soon – Outhouse – so stay tuned for that one.

I found four men buried in Greene County, Tennessee with the name “Christian Bible” and it appears that they were all descended from Johann Adam Bible, the immigrant who arrived in Philadelphia on a ship named Sandwich on November 30, 1750.  As I wrote in Saturday’s surname article (read it here), it is believed that Johann was part of the great Palatine migration to America in the mid-eighteenth century.  Briefly, here are his descendants’ stories.



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  1. I am a dependent of CHristian Bible. My mother was Willie Kate Bible.Her father was Nevy R. Bible. Her grandfather was Isaac Bible. Her great grandfather was Levi Bible. I live in Dayton TN.

  2. Sorry. Descendent of Christian Bible.

  3. If I traced it back correctly and the records are correct, Johann Christian Bible is my 6th great grandfather. My great-great grandmother was Barbara Elizabeth “Bettie” Douthat (né Bible). Her parents were Sgt. James William Bible and Nancy Bible (né Freshour). James’ parents were Phillip Henry Bible and Barbara Ann Bible (né Smith). Phillip’s parents were Adam Bible and Elizabeth Bible (né Neas). Adam’s dad was Johann Christian Bible.

    Bettie was the grandmother of Archie Campbell from Hee Haw. Archie’s mother was Leona Douthat Campbell (my great-great aunt). Bettie grew up in Greene County, TN also. I grew up in NC, but I’m now in Chattanooga, TN.

  4. Generation 1–Johann Adam Bible m. Maria Eva Margaretha Muller in 1748 in Alsace, France.
    Generation 2–Johann Christian Bible m. 2nd Margareth. Buried in Greene Co. TN.
    Generation 3–Lewis Bible m. Sarah Bottles. Buried in Greene Co. TN.
    Generation 4–Clarissa Bible m. Jonathan Debusk. Buried in Parker Co. TX


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