Ghost Town Wednesday: Silverbell, Arizona

Silverbell_AZ  There were actually two towns in Arizona with the same name, one “Silverbell” and one “Silver Bell”, situated about four miles apart.  Both were mining towns, but “Silverbell” has the most colorful history.

According to the Arizona State Museum, the first time any mining operations were recorded in the area was in the early 1870’s when Charles O. Brown from Tucson began prospecting.  Throughout the 1870’s Brown and his partners staked several claims, opened mines and built a smelter.  At the time Arizona was still a territory, and it would be several years before that part of the west was tamed enough to become a full-fledged state.  In that era without strong territorial authority, mining districts were established.

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  1. My Father was born in Silverbell, Az. on April 24th, 1908. I wonder if Sasco has any records in their archives about the miners? My Grandfather worked the mines and smelter there in Silverbell..1908-1910

  2. Grandfather and his family lived and worked in Silverbell Arizona in the mines with his family my father was born in Silverbell Arizona in 1919 also his brothers and sisters were born in That town i am a living descendant of the Cocio’s that is buried in that cemetery how can I get permission to visit the graves


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