Tombstone Tuesday: Albinus Reger Marple

AlbinusMarpleAlbinus Reger Marple was born on January 27, 1834 in Lewis County, Virginia to parents John Weaver and Ruth (Reger) Marple.  It’s possible that his first name was a family name, evidenced by a record of someone named Albanus Marple in Pennsylvania.  Most family researchers believe that Albinus’ grandfather John Abram Marple was the son of Enoch Marple, Sr. of Philadelphia, who later migrated to Virginia.  His middle name, of course, was his mother’s maiden name.

JohnW_RuthRegerMarpleResearch revealed more than one spelling of his name, but it is spelled “Albinus” on his grave stone, with alternate spellings on various records of Albinos, Albinas and Albenus.  Albinus married Mary Jane Post, daughter of Daniel and Mary Post on February 1, 1855 in Upshur County, Virginia (eventually West Virginia).  The children (rather unusually named) born to their marriage were:

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