Ghost Town Wednesday: Sveadal (McPherson County, Kansas)

GhostTownWednesday  I’ve been reading a series of books about Swedish immigrants who came to America and settled in central Kansas beginning in the late-1860’s.  According to the Kansas Historical Society, eastern immigration companies sent agents to Europe to encourage settlement in the western part of America.  For many Europeans it was seen as an opportunity to have access to good farm land and a chance to make a better life for their families.  Many of those Swedish communities that sprung up in central Kansas are still around today and thrive.  Today’s ghost town, obviously, was one that didn’t make much of itself.

In 1868 Major Leonard N. Holmberg, a man claiming to have royal Swedish blood coursing through his veins, came to the area in Kansas which would later become McPherson County.  The story goes that he had been a lieutenant in the Swedish army and had been given the position of Major in the Union Army during the Civil War.  Thereafter, he preferred to be referred to as “Major”.

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