Ghost Town Wednesday: “Old Ulysses” Kansas

GhostTownWednesdayI was looking for an interesting ghost town to feature this week, preferably short and sweet since I’m under the weather this week with some nasty upper respiratory thing-y.  I opened up one of my trusty ghost town books, Ghost Towns of Kansas by Daniel Fitzgerald.  It fell open to “Old” Ulysses – what’s that about “Old”?

I soon found that there was an “Old” and a “New” Ulysses in western Kansas in Grant County.  Get ready for it – it was named for who else but Ulysses S. Grant!  Okay – I thought this might make an interesting article.  Little did I know . . . read on.

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  1. Thanks for more information on Ulysses. My great grandfather Herbert Lincoln Gill was a friend of George Earp (we have a letter from GW Earp to my grandfather, Wayne Barton Gill ) who was born in Ulysses.

    • Thanks for stopping by! The Earps are cousins of mine. Wyatt is my third cousin, three times removed.

  2. Thank you. My Great, Great Grandfather, J. J. Rosson was one of the first settlers. He is shown in a picture in the 1890’s in front of the Grant County Courthouse. I’m not sure when he arrived however, or what he did. After the Civil War he returned to Ill. where my Great Grandmother Jennie Pearl Rosson was born. Sometime after that he moved to Ulysses. My G G Randmother Pearl was married there in 1889 and my Grandmother Elsie Mae Johnson was born there in 1903. At some point after that, they moved to Ohio, where my Great Grandfather was originally from. J.J. Rosson died in Ulysses in 1914 at age 78 and is buried in the Ulysses Cemetery.

    • Thanks for stopping by to share your family history!


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