Tombstone Tuesday: General Washington Gentry of Johnson County, Tennessee

TombstoneTuesday      I gotta say this was a difficult article to research – so darn many General Washington Gentry’s or George Washington Gentry’s or General George Washington Gentry’s in Johnson County, Tennessee it seemed.  I think (I hope) I have figured it out though.  There are some interesting family stories and some very unique names given to his children.  This family was also related by marriage to the “Ocean Sisters” I wrote about last week.  In case you missed it, you can read it here.

Today’s subject was born General Washington Gentry on September 14, 1810 to parents Benjamin and Rhoda (Wilson) Gentry.  According to Gentry family research, there don’t seem to be any other children named General Washington in Benjamin’s generation, but there were perhaps nephews who were given the same or similar name in later generations, that is if census and military records are correct.  Interestingly (at least to me) is that one of Benjamin Gentry’s brothers, William, ended up in Pulaski County, Kentucky which is where many of my ancestors lived.

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  1. General Rosencrance Gentry is my great-great grandfather. I have some pictures of him if you wish to see. The story you tell is what we were told as well. He died in 1939 after years of rheumatism. I also have a few photos of his surviving siblings at a reunion in the 1930’s. His father, General GW, was hanged near Shady Valley. At one time we had a rifle of his that was said to be left at his feet after he was hung. He did pick a side during the war and died because of it. He would not house starving confederate soldiers on his property. Pacific’s sister Atlantic was married to Eliza’s brother Isaac.

    • I would love to see pictures of your ancestor. You wouldn’t happen to have any of the “Ocean Sisters” would you? I thought theirs was such an interesting story with the unique names. Thanks for stopping by!



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