Ghost Town Wednesday: Utopia, Ohio

GhostTownWednesday    The period of history encompassing the early to mid-1800’s was marked by the emergence of several utopian societies in America, presumably founded to establish their own version of “heaven on earth”.  Sir Thomas Moore had first coined the Greek term for his 1516 book entitled Utopia.  Utopia was a fictional island society located in the Atlantic Ocean.  The term is often used to describe an intentional community that is established to engender an ideal society.

Several of the Utopian religious societies which sprung up in the nineteenth century were off-shoots of the Second Great Awakening.  Some had roots in the eighteenth century, both in America and Europe.  The social experiment which sprung up in Ohio in 1844 had its roots in Europe as followers of French philosopher Charles Fourier.

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  1. The “tiny general store” here in Utopia is ran and operated by a very friendly ,nice older couple that have both worked years and years in our community. If you don’t like our town, then don’t come back! We have a wonderful town, with alot of historic structures that we are proud of.


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