Ghost Town Wednesday: Maiden, Montana

Maiden_MontanaIn 1880 five prospectors, “Skookum Joe” Anderson, c.c. Snow, Eugene Ervin, Pony McPartland, and David Jones, discovered gold in the Judith Mountains near Lewiston, Montana.  There are at least two theories as to how the mining town they founded got its name.  One story says that one of the early prospectors was named Maden and put up a sign calling the location “Camp Maden” – and later an “i” was added to make it Maiden.  Another theory is that the town was named after a friend’s daughter who was referred to as “Little Maiden.”

Speaking of naming, here are some of the names attached to mines in the area: Tom Thumb, War Eagle, Sun Dance, Yankee Blade, Little Rhoda, Jessie Trim, Maginnis, Collar, Kentucky, Maggie C. Weeden, Pilgrim, Hailstorm, Lone Star, Sucker State, Spotted Horse, Bamboo Chief, Crow Girl, Niagra, Treasure Box, Wolverine and many others.  Unique names with equally unique histories I’m sure.

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