Ghost Town Wednesday: Eagle City, Idaho

GhostTownWednesdayThis ghost town in the Coeur d’Alenes of Idaho, although once a thriving gold mining town, might not be worthy of a mention, but for the fact that Wyatt Earp and Josephine “Sadie” Marcus arrived there in early 1884 for the Coeur d’Alene gold rush.  Titus Blessing, subject of a Tombstone Tuesday article awhile back, was also there and possibly crossed paths with the Earps.

After leaving behind the OK Corral shootout in Tombstone and the Dodge City “war” in Kansas, Wyatt and Sadie headed to Idaho with Wyatt’s brother Jim, landing in Eagle City.  Eagle City was the first mining camp to spring up in the area when gold was discovered by Andrew Pritchard in 1882.  In early 1884, miners were arriving daily, many living in tents.

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  1. Sept. 10, 2017 – Thanks for the comments re: Wyatt Earp… In the early 1990s I practiced orthopedic surgery in Kellogg and enjoyed the area immensely and the visits up the scary snowy roads to Murray and Eagle City. Best wishes to all the ghosts…J.L. Watts, M.D.

    • Thanks for stopping by! Wyatt Earp is related to me — third cousin, three times removed, sharing a great grandfather way back.



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