Surname Saturday: Starbuck

StarbuckCrestThe surname Starbuck is believed to have Scandinavian origins.  Norsemen (Vikings) came down to Scotland and Ireland between 800 and 1100 A.D. to plunder and terrorize.  After a time these Vikings intermarried with women of the villages and later plundered along the coast of England.

According to Alexander Starbuck’s History of Nantucket, “the name Starbuck is Scandinavian and signifies a person of imposing appearance, great or grand bearing.”  In the Patronomyca Britannica there is a Norse name which is pronounced “Stor bokki”.  “Stor” means great (body, soul and spirit) and “bokki” means great man (one with higher status and ranking).  The spelling variations for this surname include “Starbocki”, “Starbock”, “Stirbock,” “Stalbrook”, “Sturbock”, “Styrbuck”, just to name a few.  One family historian suggested that “Starbuck” was finally settled upon because it was easier to pronounce: “Stah’buck”.

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    • Thank you! Enjoyed the article and history very much. I am a descended from the line of Thomas Barnard and his brother, Robert, who lived on Nantucket.



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