Tombstone Tuesday: Lieutenant Perrin Ross

PerrinRossWyoMonumentPerrin Ross was born July 4, 1748 to parents Jeremiah and Anna Paine Ross in New London, Connecticut.  Jeremiah Ross was one of the Connecticut settlers who helped form the Susquehanna Company in 1753.  The Company acquired two thousand acres of land in the Wyoming Valley the following year, and the area would be disputed for several years between Connecticut and Pennsylvania.  In 1773 Connecticut received permission from England to settle the area regardless of the dispute.  Jeremiah migrated to the Wyoming Valley in 1774.

Perrin married Mercy Otis, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Otis, date uncertain although some believe in 1768.  Six children were born of their marriage:  Jesse, Elizabeth, Joseph, John, Daniel, Perrin, Jr. (born after his father’s death).


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