Ghost Town Wednesday: Bara-Hack, Connecticut

BaraHack-610x412Obadiah Higginbotham and Jonathan Randall and their families moved from Cranston , Rhode Island to the land situated on the outskirts of Pomfret, Connecticut in an area called “Ragged Hills”.  Obadiah and Jonathan were both of Welsh descent and named their settlement “Bara-Hack” which meant “breaking of bread”.  One source suggested that their migration occurred at a time when the British were battling along the Rhode Island coast.  The story goes that Obadiah was a deserter from the British Army, so he may have been stationed in Cranston and met his wife Dorcas there.

It is believed the Higginbothams moved to Connecticut sometime before 1780, as did the Randall family.  There may also have been some sort of familial connection between the two families because there is a Randall-Botham Cemetery in Pomfret.  At least two of their daughters and Dorcas are buried there – Phebe died at age 19 and Rhoda at age 30.  Dorcas died at the age of 100.

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