Home Remedies and Quack Cures: Sobering Up – Dr. Haines’ Golden Specific

haines golden treatment1Before it became illegal to lie on the package label, this “cure” for alcoholism was called “Golden Specific” – later changed to “Golden Treatment” when the law went into effect.  Dr. James Wilkins Haines of Cincinnati, Ohio claimed his medicine was endorsed by the Women’s Christian Temperance Union and that by merely slipping a bit of it into the husband’s cup of coffee in the morning, the wife could cure him of his taste for alcohol.  According to Haines’ ads it was possible to cure one’s alcoholism in 24 hours!  (Click to enlarge the image)

Golden Specific-allFrom the book “Nostrums and Quackery”, compiled by JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association):

Any one with an elementary knowledge of the treatment of alcoholism knows how cruelly false such claims as these are.  Not only is the statement that the stuff will cure the drunkard ‘without his knowledge’ and ‘against his will’ a falsehood, but it is also a cowardly falsehood in that it deceives those who in the very nature of the case will hesitate to raise any protest against the deception.

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