Ghost Town Wednesday: Moonville, Ohio

Not only is Moonville, Ohio a ghost town in the classic sense of the term (a once thriving town completely abandoned), stories abound about the haunting of various locales in and around the town.

No one seems to know where the town name originated, although some have theorized folks with the last name of “Moon” lived in the area, or that the railroad named the town in honor of a local grocery store owner.  The land upon which the town was built belonged to Samuel Coe.  Samuel was born on July 20, 1813 in Pompey, New York to parents Chester and Roxanna Coe.  The family eventually migrated to Ohio, where Samuel met and married Emaline Newcomb on August 27, 1836 in the Rome township of Ashtabula County.  Soon thereafter the Coes moved to Rue in Athens County.

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