Ghost Town Wednesday – Daisy Colony: Oklahoma’s “Amazon Women”

I had seen this “ghost town” mentioned in my recent research for ghost town stories, so I will  loosely place it under that category  because it’s pretty interesting.   Over the years, some people have thought this might be the same group of women who formed Bathsheba (which lasted only a short time – see this blog article), but it does appear to be a different group of women.

I found one reference, actually an article written anonymously.  This person constructed the story of “Daisy Colony” with newspaper articles written about a group of “venturesome” women.  The group was led by a woman referred to as Annetta (or Annette) Daisy.

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  1. thanks for another great ghost town article
    don’t think I had anyone in the OK land rush, I had relatives living in OK because they had been removed to OK

    • Yea I thought this would be a short and sweet article and then I started digging up more about Nannita and her exploits.

  2. Interesting



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