Military History Monday – Obscure U.S. Civil Wars – The Walton War

waltonwarmapIn this border war which occurred in the first decade of the 1800s, ambiguities in border delineation were again the center of controversy.  The strip of land, approximately twelve miles wide, was called the “Orphan Strip”.  That strip of land bordered the three states of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

Originally, after the Revolutionary War, there was a dispute between North and South Carolina.  States who previously had claims to land west of the Appalachian Mountains to the Mississippi River were asked to cede those lands back to the federal government.  North Carolina ceded their western land (eventually becoming Tennessee) and South Carolina only needed to cede a small strip of land in order to comply with the federal government’s wishes.  Georgia agreed to cede the land that would later become Alabama and Mississippi, and in return the federal government agreed that Georgia would receive the small strip of land that South Carolina had ceded.  That occurred in 1802, so now Georgia and North Carolina shared a border.

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