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Happy New Year!  2019 is off to a good start here at Digging History with a redesigned web site.  It looks a LOT different than the previous one.

The new look is crisper with a new logo which highlights our genealogical research services and charts AND Digging History Magazine.  Last year the magazine had its own web site, but experience has proven it will be better situated here now.  No more going back and forth between the two sites.  Makes sense, huh?

Click on Digging History Magazine and see what’s in the store:

  • Subscriptions:  Three levels to choose from to fit any budget; all subscriptions are automatically recurring until you tell me you want to stop.  Pay-by-check is also available; see details on subscription page.
  • Individual Issues (2018 had 12 month issues; beginning in 2019 issues are bi-monthly)
  • Special Editions – Currently only one issue, Early American Faith (99 pages or articles, no ads, all focusing on early American faith)
  • Individual Articles:  From time-to-time some articles will be available for individual purchase rather than part of an issue.  Individual article purchase available upon request by contacting me.
  • Free Samples: Here you’ll find samples of previous issues (includes only selected pages from a particular issue) or a link to our YouTube preview site.  Want an entire issue to try out?  See the right side-bar to provide your email and subscribe.
  • Purchase Month-to-Month Genealogical Research:  A great way to budget research an hour at a time as a recurring subscription (until the project is finished or you would like to stop).

Many of the original blog articles remain, although some are pulled from time-to-time, enhanced and rewritten (adding new research, complete with footnotes and sources) and featured in an issue of the magazine.  Most of the writing these days is for the magazine, although I will occasionally post a thought or two, or advertise a special offer (research, charts, magazine) as a blog article.

You  might ask, “Is it worth it to purchase a subscription?”  That depends — are you a history-lover?  Do you enjoy reading about unique historical events or characters?  Are you a genealogist or family history researcher (or want to be one)?  If you can answer “yes” to any of those questions, then I would say YES (of course I would say that)!  Most issues these days are running between 65-80 pages — no ads, just lots of history and articles focused on genealogical research.  You’ll find the genealogical research articles aren’t “dry” — they are packed with history as well.  There are other publications that do “dry” … I don’t do “dry” 🙂

Again, if you’d like to view an entire issue go to the right side-bar and provide your email address to subscribe.  Already a subscriber to the web site?  Go to the Individual Issue page and check out the issues available.  Just contact me and indicate the issue you want and I’ll send it to you for FREE just to see what it’s all about.

I’m always looking for interesting history to write about.  Feel free to contact me with your ideas (or maybe you’d like to submit an article for publication?).  I love history.  If you’ve landed on this page, you probably do too.  Let’s explore together . . . “Uncovering history one story at a time.”

Your friend and fellow history-lover,

Sharon Hall

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