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This month’s issue of Digging History Magazine seemed excruciatingly long to complete (it did run over my “normal” deadline of the first day of the month).  It’s out today, and even though it took a bit longer, I think it was well worth it to spend the extra time writing the lead article about the dreamers and drifters, gunslingers and grifters who caught Klondike fever.  They even had a name for it — KLONDICITIS!

The lead article features an “onion story” of sorts — one I’ve long wanted to write since stumbling across the original source material several years ago.  The more I researched (like peeling layers of an onion) the more the story developed.  Throw in some newspaper research with the original source material and something more than an article was written — more of short story about two young dreamers who married one evening and caught the next train to Seattle before hopping on a boat to Alaska and the Klondike.  Jesse and Lepha Mae (Bennett) Edgren were in love, full of hope for the future and oh so sure they could strike it rich in the Klondike.

I won’t be “spoiling” the story here, only to say it’s both a heartwarming story, yet full of pathos — perhaps more than any of the hundreds of stories which came out of the Klondike Gold Rush.  I thoroughly enjoyed researching and writing it and I hope (if you’re not already a subscriber) you’ll consider purchasing a copy which includes this short story/saga of Jesse and Mae.

Pick up your copy of the August issue here or buy a subscription here.  Buy a one-year subscription and use the “2OFFSPGS” discount code at checkout for $2 off.

Sharon Hall, Publisher and Editor, Digging History Magazine

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