haller nutt tombstoneI normally write Tombstone Tuesday articles about ordinary, everyday people who lived economically and physically challenging lives out on the American frontier somewhere.  Today’s article is related to tomorrow’s Ghost Town Wednesday article, and since I ran across his name in my research for that article and found his history fascinating, I decided to write today’s article about Dr. Haller Nutt, a hugely successful businessman in southwest Mississippi and across the river in Louisiana.Haller Nutt was born to Dr. Rushworth “Rush” Nutt and Elizabeth (Kerr) Nutt on February 17, 1816 at the family’s Laurel Hill Plantation in Jefferson County, Mississippi.  Haller’s father, Rush, had been educated at the University of Pennsylvania.  In 1805, Rush decided to set out on horseback to check out the “Southwest” part of the country.  Upon settling in Petit Gulf, Mississippi he set up a medical practice, married and bought a plantation.

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