Ancestry 101

One of the most popular hobbies today is ancestry research.  All around the world, people want to know where they came from and what their ancestors contributed to make them who they are.

Are you intimidated at the thought of tackling the arduous task of ancestry research?  I can guide you through the steps to get started, whether you use a subscription site like or a free site like

Individual, on-site instruction is available in the Lubbock, Texas area; other areas available through on-line conferencing.  See Pricing for more information.



Ancestral and Historical Research

Although not a professional genealogist, I have been bitten by the ancestry/historical research bug BIG TIME, and have various resources at my disposal to help me discover your family history.  For recent discoveries I’ve made, see the FAQs.


Are you an author in need of historical research for your non-fiction or historical fiction book?  I can help you write a compelling manuscript by researching unique and obscure pieces of history.  To view samples of my work, read the Digging History blog.  Contact me for more information.


See the Pricing page for more information, including ways to fund an extended family history project.



Fresh Eyes

All family history researchers hit the inevitable “brick wall” in their research.  Sometimes they are just frustrated and have run out of ideas as to how to locate their long-lost ancestors.  A different perspective, a “fresh set of eyes”, may be in order.

I can take a look at the research you’ve done and perhaps take a different tack, dig a little deeper and maybe discover something you’ve overlooked.

In addition, my Fresh Eyes service can provide writing and editing services.  I currently work as the newsletter editor of my local genealogical society and write a daily history blog.  Hourly rates or package pricing is available.  See the Pricing page or contact me for more information.




I don’t know about you but when I read the family genealogy books that, granted, I know family historians have labored long hours over, my eyes start to glaze over.  All the dates and minutia become a blur to me.

Wouldn’t it be great to tell your family’s history as a story, for after all that’s what history is — a STORY.  Everyday I write stories about ordinary, famous and infamous people who made their own history.

Whether you want a print book and/or an ebook, I can write, format and assist you in publishing your family history book.  See the Pricing and FAQs for more information about cost and funding the project.



Analyze, Digitize, Organize

If you have boxes and boxes of historical papers, photographs, files, family Bible records, etc., I can meticulously analyze, digitize and organize those records for you.  See Pricing or contact me for more information.



Pedigree Charts

Want a unique and decorative pedigree chart to proudly display your family’s history? I can format one that includes pictures and vital information about your ancestor, including birth and death dates and more.

Charts can be sized to meet your requirements. See Pricing or contact me for more information.