Tombstone Tuesday:

TombstoneTuesdayI could just as well tell her story under the “Feisty Female” category of this blog, but I’m choosing to write about the woman known to the country throughout the 1930’s until her death in 1946 as “Aunt Lizzie Devers”.  To research her entire life, however, would be a monumental challenge for even the most experienced and well-seasoned genealogist.  In fact, there is only one person on who has attempted and I’m not sure whether it’s correct or not.

If the hundreds of newspaper articles written about her are to be believed, however, Aunt Lizzie Devers had quite an interesting history.  The following is compiled from those 1930’s and 1940’s newspaper articles.

I can’t say what her full birth name was, except her first name was probably Elizabeth since she went by Lizzie.  Her father was said to have been full-blood Cherokee and her mother Dutch-Irish.  The only definitive census records which indicate her Native American ancestry are for the years 1930 and 1940 where she is clearly enumerated as “Indian”.


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