Ghost Town Wednesday: Burning Bush Colony (Texas)

GhostTownWednesdayThis “ghost town” in East Texas is known as the Burning Bush Colony.  It was an “intentional community” founded as an offshoot of the Methodist Church.  Headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin, this splinter group of “Free Methodists” called themselves the “Society of the Burning Bush”, or more formally the Metropolitan Church Association.  The organization was funded by two wealthy benefactors, Duke M. Farson and Edwin L. Harvey.

Farson was a bond broker in Chicago and Harvey a wealthy hotel owner.  The group was founded in 1900, citing increased formality of the Methodist Church.  Colonies were first established in Virginia, West Virginia and Louisiana.  In 1912 the society made plans for a colony in Texas and chose an old plantation near Bullard that had been originally owned by Joseph Pickens Douglas.

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