Tombstone Tuesday: America Waldo Bogle

AmericaWaldoBogleWhile researching this past weekend’s Surname Saturday article on the Waldo surname, I came across today’s subject.  Her story is interesting and a bit intriguing, especially in regards to her parentage.

America Waldo was born on June 2, 1844 in Missouri.  For years it was purported that Daniel Waldo was America’s father.  However, it appears that couldn’t be true because Daniel and his family left for Oregon in 1843.  His single brother Joseph, however, remained in Missouri (later going to Oregon in 1846).  It seems more plausible that America was the child of Joseph Waldo and an unnamed slave.  Also of note is the fact that the 1840 census indicates that Daniel did not possess slaves at that time, although his two brothers did.



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