Surname Saturday: Nutting

NuttingCrestThe Nutting surname is Anglo-Saxon and derives from the Middle Ages English name of “Cnute” which became popular after a Dane by the name of “Cnut” became King of England in 1016.   According to the Patronymica Britannica:

Ferguson derives this name and Nutt from Knut, or Canute, the Danish personal name; Knut was derived from a wen or tumour on his head. It is however worthy of remark, that the hazel, Anglo-Saxon hnut-beam, gave rise to several names of places, from some of which surnames have been derived, as Nutfleld, Nuthall, Nuthurst, Nutley, Nuthampstead. The names Nutter and Nuttman are also probably connected with this tree-signifying, perhaps, dealers in its fruit.

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  1. Thank you. It’s very interesting to learn the history of part of my family.

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