Surname Saturday: Quackenbush

QuackenbushQuackenbushThe Quackenbush surname has a unique distinction in American history.  It is one of only a few surnames in North America which can be traced back to one single progenitor – Pieter van Quackenbosch.  Records indicate that the name was primarily concentrated in a region of Holland (Leyden) and family genealogists have estimated that there were actually very few people with that name at any given point in time.  One family researcher noted in The Quackenbush Family in Holland and America that the modern spelling (at least in the early 1900’s when the book was published) would be with “Kw” instead of “Qu” and even that spelling is unknown.

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  1. Great stuff. A families history is very important.
    Thank You So much
    Richard E. Quackenbush

    • You are so welcome .. and thanks for stopping by!

    • Do you know anything about an Alex who had a business in Paterson, NJ? Died in 1050 in his 50s.

  2. Knew about the family. It had several connections to presidents. The Quackenbush Rifle. Was made during the civil war by HM Quackenbush. Try the Quackenbush coffee from Oregon.



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