Tombstone Tuesday: Shadrach Boaz

shadrach_boazShadrach Boaz (a strong Bible name!) was born on November 9, 1809 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia to Thomas and Lucinda (Davis) Boaz.  I came across his name while researching another “Shadrach”.  His family history is interesting so immediately following is some background information before proceeding with the story of Shadrach’s life.

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  1. Interesting

    • I just spent 2 hours looking for this headstone west of Neosho Mo in Hutchison cemetery. I didn’t find it but may know where to go next time. The interesting thing is that it’s no where near Pierce City. It’s more than a days ride I would assume. If he were traveling to oklahoma from Arkansas as assumed, it would not make sense that he was northeast of the site of his burial.

  2. The Boaz Cemetery. I would like to clear up a couple of miss statements in your story. My family at one time owned the land that Boaz Cemetery is on. In the 1800’s it was part of the Hutchison Homestead. Just why Mr. Shadrach Boaz was their is a mystery but more of a mystery is why it is called the Boaz Cemetery. My 3rd grandparents Sanford Euwen Hutchison 1st was buried their in 1839 then his wife Judah Minshew Hutchison in 1845. Mr Shadrach Boaz died Sept. 4, 1860. This is taken from your story “Shadrach was in Indian Territory (what is now southwest Missouri) prospecting for land grants. He fell ill with possibly typhoid fever (one source said pneumonia) and died on September 4, 1860. He was buried near Pierce City, Missouri. His wife Nancy was said to have traveled to attend his funeral.” So it think Shadrach was staying with my grandparents on the Hutchison Homestead Died and was buried their. Any help on the two mysteries would be great. thanks Howard Hutchison

    • That would be a mystery to me as well (Shadrach being buried on Hutchison land). I don’t remember whether the Find-A-Grave entry noted in 2013 (when I originally wrote the article) that it was in fact “aka Hutchison Cemetery” as it does now. My apologies for the oversight. I suppose it is possible Shadrach was staying with a member of the Hutchison family at the time of his death — that might be the most plausible explanation as to why he was buried on their land. At the time I wrote the article I didn’t have extensive access to newspaper archives as I do now, but a search of those archives today yielded no further details. I have updated the article reflecting your comments and concerns and directed readers to read said comments and concerns. Thank you so much for stopping by and contributing by correcting a bit of history.

      • It is a mystery about the name of the Cemetery. In Newton County one other Cemetery is Named after my family it is the Hutchison Cemetery about 15 miles south/west of Neosho. Maybe that is why this Boaz Cemetery was named that. Today the Boaz Cemetery is called Boaz Cemetery. I just don’t know why.

        • And we’ll probably never ever know .. such are the mysteries of history!



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