Military History Monday: The History of Obscure U.S. Civil Wars (a.k.a., Border Conflicts)

I ran across an article written in 2010, somewhat facetiously, about some lesser known “civil wars” which were largely the result of border conflicts between states or territories.  These conflicts loosely come under the topic of military history in some respects, but they all involved disputes which required intervention either by state or local militias or police and/or National Guardsmen.

One of the amusing aspects of some of these stories is that they were between states which today are fierce college football rivals.

The Red River Bridge War

red river bridgeI’ll write about this little month-long war today because it is said to be the basis of an intense college rivalry between Oklahoma and Texas, and they actually call it the “Red River Rivalry” (or “Red River Shootout”).  Today is a good day to write about this little “war” because two days ago the annual “shootout” was held at the Cotton Bowl.

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  1. Since I was born in OK and have been “citizen” of TX for over 75 years maybe I should remain neutral!



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