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July 2018

2 Reviews
July 2018
July 2018

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July 2018

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Categories: Monthly Issues
Manufacturer: Digging History
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Enjoy the July 2018 Edition (it's packed!):

  • Declaring Independence:  May 20, 1775 or July 4, 1776?
  • Radical Presbyterianism:  Seeds of Revolution?
  • The First and Last Men of the Revolution
  • Feisty Females:  Women of the Revolution
  • Overmountain Men, America's Humble Heroes
  • Drawing the Line:  Quakers in Conscientious Crisis
  • Nineteenth Century Rainmaking (Part II)
  • July 4, 1876:  It Was a Blast!
  • The Dash:  Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego Pierson

Preview this issue here.

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2 Reviews for July 2018

  • Gary F. - Wednesday, July 4, 2018
    I really enjoyed July's Issue, Meshack Pierson is my 5th Great Grandfather; he and my other 5th Great Grandfather Thomas Fitzsimmons were both in the Revolutionary War at the same time and in close proximatey to one another, but they never knew one another until later when their children married.

  • Linnea Dickerson - Monday, July 2, 2018
    What an issue! There is so much in this issue I did not know; like the predated Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence. Growing up in Virginia, and being an avid history buff, I know what a talented and intelligent man Thomas Jefferson was. His home (Monticello) is just outside of Charlottesville and filled with his inventions! I am hoping that the issues covered in both Declarations were the same, thoughts the same and the qualities were not plagerism, but built on the commonality of those advocating for independence. I guess I will have to study them side by side.
    I look forward each and every month for these magazines and thoroughly enjoy them cover to cover. Thank you, Sharon, for you continued dedication to supply is “history geeks” with such historically packed issues!
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