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Pedigree Chart Samples

Here are some samples of the custom pedigree charts I create for my clients (some blank).  Each one will be unique based on one’s family history.  Depicted here are some 11×8.5″ samples.  However, most charts I do are either 36 x 24 or 30 x 20 — room for lots of family history!  I use all kinds of things on the charts — not just birth and death dates — pictures, signatures (yes, I can format your ancestor’s signature if you have a signed document), cattle brands, obituaries, news clippings and more.

I have book with chart samples clients can use or I can create something totally unique.  The chart’s size depends on how many generations a client would like to research.  The first one below is seven generations with some items displayed around the chart farther back in time.   The last one is a recent chart I did using something a friend painted for me.  It is four generations of my family.

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