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Thanks for stopping by and reading my history blog.  I am passionate about history and quite frankly it’s been a labor of love (as in “no income stream”) since I started it in October 2013.  I often receive comments from readers who either subscribe or just happen to stumble across the blog and find something informative or maybe a story about one of their ancestors who I had randomly chosen for a story.

After giving it some thought I’ve decided to make a way for readers who would like to support my efforts to make a donation, either one-time or recurring, in order to help defray the expenses of publishing Digging History.  Your donation will also help me continue my pursuit of not only researching and writing interesting and informative articles, but eventually publishing books and e-books.

If you’d like to help, click the donate button below and you will be directed to a page where you can specify a donation amount, either one-time or recurring (NOTE:  Donations are NOT tax-deductible). The link will take you to PayPal, but you do not need an account to donate.  Simply look for the link (depicted below) to donate with a credit card or bank account:

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