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To be a writer, one must write.  And so, on October 1, 2018, the 25th anniversary of becoming a self-employed entrepreneur, I write.  It’s not what I started out doing 25 years ago, yet I am slowly, but surely, pursuing my dream of becoming a writer.  Honing my God-given skills.  As long as you’re alive and kicking you can pursue your dreams.  Therefore, I must continue to write.

Will I write a book(s) someday?  Perhaps so.  I have amassed a portfolio of several hundred articles over the last few years, any number of which could be expanded into a book.  I have also amassed more article ideas than I’ll ever have time to write.  The great thing about history is you never run out of something to write.  What happened two minutes ago is history.

I rather enjoy researching and writing my monthly publication, Digging History Magazine.  I am also a genealogist, helping people discover their roots.  I write their family stories as well.  As I pointed out recently, researching and writing makes me a better genealogist.

It’s cathartic in a way, writing about long ago events, making a connection with the past. I am there.  I try to take my readers there.  Not all history is inspiring and uplifting, unfortunately.  Parts of it – to our corporate chagrin – are outright disgusting.  I wrote one of those kinds of stories for the October issue.  History doesn’t always have a happy ending.

I am always exhilarated once I get a 60-70 page issue written, graphics designed, edited, finalized (yes, I do it all — it’s just me!), up for sale in the Magazine Store and off to subscribers to enjoy their monthly history fix.  The magazine site, however, is not inexpensive to operate, and subscriptions and single issue purchases have been too few and far between this first year.  I have been discouraged way more than I’ve been encouraged . . . yet, I will continue to write.

I make it a point to personally email each new subscriber to thank and tell them what a blessing they are to me – because they are, even if they’ve only purchased an $8 three-month subscription.  I’ve experienced plenty of disappointment this year. Nevertheless, even those three-month subs inspire me – propel me — to keep writing.

This summer I made a new friend who purchased a three-month subscription, but just wanted to try it out.  I cancelled the subscription so she wouldn’t be charged again three months later.  However, something happened and she was mistakenly charged anyway (I’m still a newbie at this subscription administration thingie!).  I emailed her right away to apologize and tell her I’d get her a refund if she still wanted to end her subscription.  To my joyful surprise she emailed me back: “Please keep the subscription. I enjoy your magazine!”  Was it perhaps kismet that she was mistakenly charged?  I don’t know but those eight words were a much-needed pat on the back . . . keep writing.

I continue to write and publish and hope.  I am a writer.  Therefore, I will write . . . and write . . . and write.

If you are a subscriber, YOU ARE A BLESSING TO ME — make no mistake about it!  If you enjoy the magazine, refer a friend — you’ll be a DOUBLE BLESSING TO ME!  If you’re not a subscriber, I invite you to try it out.  I promise you won’t be bored because history is more than a bunch of dates.  We are uncovering history one story at a time.  Rudyard Kipling said it best:  “If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.”

 3-month, 6-month and one-year subscriptions are available.  Don’t like the magazine?  Just tell me before the 30-day trial period is up and I’ll cancel (delete) your account and you won’t be charged further.  Why would I take a chance on giving away an issue without the promise of a recurring subscription?  My new friend told me,  “Please keep the subscription.  I enjoy your magazine!”.

Sharon Hall, PROUD Writer, Graphic Designer, Editor and Publisher of Digging History Magazine

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