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This month’s issue of Digging History Magazine features the great state of Oklahoma, the Sooner State.  This issue was inspired by my great grandfather, Noah Seborn Young.  I discovered something about him and a lot about Oklahoma’s history (and a radical one at that!) as I researched and wrote this month’s issue.

However, my favorite article this month is about another ancestor and her family, my third great grandmother Elizabeth Louisa Boone Hensley Brummett Dodson.  You’ll have to buy a copy and read the story of her elongated name!  The article is a story which includes extensive information about the family’s attempts to get on the Dawes Indian Rolls in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  I found the case files totally fascinating and dripping with all kinds of information, from which I’ve gleaned a story. Were they “dying” (as in desperate) to get on the Rolls or “lying”?

I’ve cheekily entitled it “Dying (or Lying) to Get on the Dawes Rolls (or how my ancestors were Indian one minute and the next, not so much).

It’s informative with a little humor here and there — you gotta laugh sometimes at the things your ancestors did!  History isn’t boring — it’s downright fun sometimes!

The September 2018 issue is on sale in the Magazine Store or you can receive it with a subscription if purchased this month.

Sharon Hall, Publisher and Editor, Digging History Magazine

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