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TombstoneTuesday     Andrew Garfield Shoun and Elizabeth Powell married in 1817 and began raising a family in 1818 with the birth of their first child Andrew.  Then came George Hamilton (1822), Rachel Catherine (1823), Isaac Harvey (1825) and Joseph Nelson (1827).  In 1829 their first “Ocean” daughter, Elizabeth Atlantic Ocean, was born, followed by Mary and another “Ocean” daughter, Barbary Pacific Ocean, in 1834.  They rounded out their family with Elva Olivene (1836) and Frances Eve (1838).

Most of their children had somewhat “normal” names like Andrew, George and Mary, but for some reason they blessed two of their daughters with middle names of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  Elizabeth was obviously named after her mother.  Barbary, according to will records, appears to have been a family name (her grandmother was named either Barbara or Barbary).

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