I have operated my own business, The Perfect Solution ( www.perfsol.net), working as a computer consultant and programmer with WordPerfect since October 1, 1993.  In early 2013 circumstances required me to begin to re-evaluate both my life and business prospects.  I returned to my birth state of Texas and found myself with a yearning to pursue a life-long passsion for history.

I had already gotten hooked on ancestry research a few years before, and had come to the conclusion that, at this point in my life, I only want to do things I’m absolutely passionate about – thus the blog name “Digging History” – I DIG HISTORY!

You will find the Digging History blog to be many things.  It is a repository of unique, sometimes obscure, sometimes quirky or funny (and, of course, serious) events in history.  The days of the week generally have their own themes, such as:  Military History (Monday); Tombstone Tuesday (my favorite); Wild West Wednesday; Ghost Town Wednesday; Book Review Thursday; Far-Out Friday; Feisty Females; Feudin’ and Fightin’ Friday; Surname Saturday; Early American Faith; Hymnspiration and more.

So from ghost towns to feuds to “feisty females” to hymns and everything in between, EVERYTHING has a history, and I seriously doubt I’ll ever run out of things to write about.  Be sure and check out the services I offer, which reflect my passion for history:  ancestral and historical research, “Fresh Eyes”, “Ancestories” and more.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look.  I hope you enjoy the blog and make it a daily habit.

Sharon Hall
“A little history every day.”