Far-Out Friday: The Curiosities of Julia, the Misnomered Bear Woman (it was a Victorian thing)

JuliaPastrana2Let’s face it – the Victorians had an insatiable curiosity for all things freakish.  Such was the case of a woman who was variously referred to as  “Bear Woman”, “Ape Woman”, “Baboon Lady” or more perhaps aptly and succinctly, but nonetheless cruelly, the “world’s ugliest woman”.  After she died following childbirth in 1860, her body was mummified (at the request of her entpreneurially-minded husband, Theodore Lent) and put on display as the “The Embalmed Nondescript”.

Julia Pastrana was an indigenous Mexican believed to have been born in the early l830’s in the state of Sinoloa.

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