Monday Musings: Attending Your Own Funeral

MondayMusingsI don’t mean to start the week out with such morbid musings, but have you ever thought about it?  It seems to have especially been on the minds of folks in the nineteenth century.  Who knows – it might have been a Victorian thing, except it spilled well over into the next century it appears.

In search of stories to write I often run across interesting phrases that are used repeatedly – like “saved by her corset” (I will write a story on that one day!) and the one I researched last week: “own funeral”.  A search at one newspaper archive site yielded a result of over thirteen thousand articles containing the phrase.

I found the phrase used quite often when referring to someone’s political missteps.  It might refer to a one-time high and mighty fellow making a less-than-inspiring speech or taking an unpopular stand – he was attending his “own funeral” – as in his political career was kaput.

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