Tombstone Tuesday: Was This Man Really 106 (or 104 or 119) When He Died? – A Case Study (Part Two)

LomerGriffin_2The Tiffin Tribune seemed to have finally set the record straight on May 16, 1878 as to Chadorlaomer “Lomer” Griffin’s actual age, although it does appear the newspaper may have either mis-reported or mis-printed the birth year (see Part One).  The Tribune had dug around in some old birth records which indicated his actual birth date was April 22, 1774.  Later accounts and historical records, however, would indicate the date was April 22, 1772, yet Lomer’s own personal accounts seemed to back up the original claim of being born in 1759.

Chadorlaomer “Lomer” Griffin was born to parents Nathaniel and Abigail Griffin in Hartford County, Connecticut.  Years later he would claim to remember (or at least that’s what newspapers reported) “distinctly the departure of his brothers, one younger than himself, for the revolutionary army, to also part in the great contest for independence and liberty, while he remained behind to assist in taking care of the homestead.”1

This article was enhanced, complete with sources, and published in the July 2018 issue of Digging History Magazine.  Preview the issue here or purchase here.

  1. Watertown Daily Times, 17 May 1875


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