Monday Musings: Don’t You Just Hate When That Happens

MondayMusingsHere are a few items that caught my eye of late while clipping newspaper articles.   One astonishes (that anyone made it through alive!), one will make you wince, the others may just give you a chuckle to start your week — oh, and a little European and literary history thrown in for good measure.

As I write today’s article on Sunday evening we are having our third straight night of storms.  The first night the wind just blew HARD, almost tearing a couple of tomato plants out of the garden and breaking off a stem or two.  Last night the rain came down in sheets with winds of probably at least forty miles per hour (or more).   I was afraid the garden would be devastated but it actually weathered the storm pretty well, all things considered.

Tonight it is steadily raining and we’re being treated to a lightning show.  It reminded me of a clipping I came across recently from the June 18, 1896 Kirksville (Missouri) Weekly Graphic.  I can’t imagine what it would feel like to have this happen (it would have scared the bejeebers out of me!):

During the rain storm last Saturday afternoon the residence of Rev. W.E. Chambliss was struck by lightning.  The electric fluid entered at one of the dinning [sic] room windows, tearing off the shutter.  From the dining room it skipped to the kitchen, shocking Mrs. Chambliss and knocking over a little daughter, who was in this room with her mother, and for a moment converting a gasoline stove into a huge electric light.  It then left the building by the door as unceremoniously as it had entered at the window, slightly damaging some of the wood work near the floor.  Fortunately no serious damage was done and none of the family was seriously injured.

Bet that was some sermon the reverend preached the next day!

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