Monday Musings: Are We All Cousins?

MondayMusingsHave you ever thought about how many ancestors one person could possibly have?  Mathematically speaking, taking one’s family tree out thirty generations would result in about a BILLION ancestors.  Taking it out forty to fifty generations would result in approximately a TRILLION ancestors — more people than have EVER lived on the earth!

Of course, that has never happened (or ever will), but why is that?  The answer is pedigree collapse.

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    • The more research I perform, the more I’m convinced we are all related somehow, someway!

      • Hi Sharon, my search has just begun, and I do believe your theory is correct! You and I are realted! John O and Mary Jane had a daughter named Mary Catherine. She is my Great Grandmother! I would be very interested in any information you might have about Joseph being Native American and possibly in the Trail of Tears…


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