Book Review Thursday: Dreamers and Deceivers

DreamersDeceiversI am a fan of Glenn Beck’s books and his innovative ideas.  The man is a born storyteller.  This book is billed as a work of nonfiction, but with a twist of sorts.  As he explains in the book’s end notes many of the details, like dialogue, are “imagined”.  However, that doesn’t detract from making this book entertaining and informative.  In a way, his method of storytelling here animates the history, for at the very core these are all historically documented facts.

His premise is that we all have a choice to decide whether to do good or evil, be a hero or villain, a dreamer or deceiver.  The list of “characters” include:

Grover Cleveland
Woodrow Wilson
Edwin Howard Armstrong
Charles Ponzi
Desi Arnaz
Upton Sinclair
Alger Hiss
Walt Disney
Steve Jobs and John Lasseter

Most of these people I had heard of or read about; Edwin Armstrong was the exception.  In each chapter Beck takes the reader through events which made that historical person either a dreamer or a deceiver, with an epilogue at the end of the chapter.  These epilogues include some stunning and eye-opening conclusions.

It’s a bit of a different way to view these historical characters and it is thought-provoking, as I’m sure Mr. Beck intended.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book, even with its fictional elements, and learned a lot about these characters, some of whom I had only a passing knowledge.  I highly recommend it.  Even if you’re not a Glenn Beck fan, you’ll enjoy these historical vignettes from a different perspective.

Rating:  ★★★★★

Have a GREAT day . . . someday it will be HISTORY!

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