Early American Faith and Hymnspiration: In Case You Missed These

SundayThemesHere are some of my favorite Sunday articles, some of which didn’t get a lot of attention, so let’s try again:

Hymnspiration:  Rock of Ages – Surprisingly, this article about a great hymn of the Church didn’t get a lot of views.  The hymn’s words and melody were composed in the eighteenth century.  The writer, Augustus Montague Toplady, has an interesting story — at one point he mocked the Wesley brothers (John and Charles) and their theology, later choosing to become a Calvinist.

Hymnspiration:  He Keeps Me Singing – This hymn has an interesting history.  It’s a joyful and upbeat hymn, yet it was borne out of a tragedy in author Luther Burgess Bridgers’ family.

Hymnspiration:  America the Beautiful (Part One) and (Part Two) – This beautiful American hymn has an interesting history.  Written by Katherine Lee Bates and composed by Samuel Ward Howe, this song was once considered worthy of being America’s national anthem.

Early American Faith:  Pennepack Baptist Church and Its Dramatic Founding – Of all the Early American Faith articles I wrote this year, this one which was published a few weeks ago, was my absolute favorite.  It includes a dramatic conversion which is reminiscent of the Apostle Paul’s experience.  Definitely worth a second chance.

Have a GREAT day . . . someday it will be HISTORY!

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